Hi everyone and welcome to my website, mattressmony.com. Winters or summers, getting cozy and curled up on a comfortable mattress relaxes my soul. Don’t judge me, I love relaxation 😉 and with all the benefits it holds, why wouldn’t anybody love to relax.?

Whether it be a power nap, a good night’s sleep or just lying on my back for no reason, I am amazed how this restores my energy, makes me more productive, calms my mind and relaxes my soul. I am sure you all feel the same way too, after a day well spent, tiring or not, when you return to your mattress, the comfort it gives you is all one seeks for. 

The role a good mattress plays in comforting our backs and improving our overall health is that of an undercover healer. 
Better sleep, better functionality of brain and immune system, better mental and physical health, nourished skin and what not.. All this by getting a comfortable sleep.?! I mean no exercising, no supplements, no stress, none of that kind of stuff at all, you’re just literally lying on your back! Again, don’t judge me, I love relaxing 🙂

This fascination about relaxation and improved sleep led me to learn more about it over the years in the light of studies and research on 8 hours comfortable sleep. It inspired me to have this website to help all those who are looking for a bundle of comfort in their lives. 

At the end of the day, no matter what ups and downs we face in our lives, relationship we share with our beds never disappoints us. 

So, scroll through and if you have anything to share with regards to mattress and comfort, I would love to hear it.

Sleep the stress away.. 


Founder of Mattress and Comfort

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